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Cadre is a woman-owned business with a passion for helping businesses, organization leaders, managers and communities of faith find sustainable solutions to a myriad of complex and sometimes subtle challenges. Plato, the Greek philosopher once said, “human behavior flows from three main sources: desire, emotion and knowledge.”

  Whether you are in a healthy environment of teamwork, high performance, effective communication or an environment of conflict, stress resulting from unhealthy competition or lackluster performance, underlying each organization is an operating paradigm of one or more of these threads-- desire, emotion and knowledge. They merely operate at different ends of the spectrum. To be added to the equation is an additional factor-faith or the lack thereof! 

At Cadre, our passion is to create, cultivate and inculcate positive result- oriented solutions that are sustainable. Whether operational, programmatic, administrative or human capital related the day of the quick fix or ‘band-aid’ approach is over. Organizations are organic and must be responded to as such. Work involves mental or physical efforts that are performed in order to achieve a purpose or result. However, desire and emotion and yes, even faith, are unseen drivers.  Not only does work involve knowledge, it involves desire and emotion-- otherwise considered as motivators.

We are multi- generational workforce consisting the so-called silent generation, baby boomers, Generations X and Y and Millennials.  My research in workforce development in the context of organizations, leadership and postmodern thought (2007) resulted in findings that confirms the need for well-planned solutions and intentional strategic responses in the areas of: Social, Education, Experience, Development (SEED) and Systems, Operations, Innovation, and Leadership (SOIL).  It is in this context, we at Cadre excel.


Dr. Cheryl West, Exec. MPA, M. Div. 




Letter Message from the President/Founder

 As Founder of Cadre Consulting & Training we want to be the provider of choice for your consulting & training needs. We believe we can meet your needs for several reasons: 


  • We are committed to developing organizations, leaders & the workforce at all levels.
  • We have the expertise and resources to identify needs, strategically implement and manage change.


  • We believe that in order to compete in a global economy it is necessary to examine perspectives, evaluate goals and exploit                              the ability to be the best.                      


It is my belief that it is not enough to be competent in our field of endeavor. We must pay close attention to the trends of rapidly changing environments where organizations, leaders and workers are not only interconnected but impacted. We must pay closer attention to organization forces, leader impact, manager results, and worker engagement and simultaneously be mindful of the individual and collective performance. Such attention is critical because organization success and social contexts are created.
In an ever changing environment of uncharted waters we must not only survive but thrive.  Finally, it is my belief, that core values such as Collaboration, Action, Development, Results and Empowerment must be infused into the DNA of organizations. It is these environments where innovation, productivity, and highly motivated workers can flow and flourish.


Dr. Cheryl West, DM, MPA, M.Div



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